Oakâme, a French company based in the North of France, designs unique, elegant, ecological furniture, Made in France. Our indoor and outdoor furniture, is crafted from superior quality oak beams, recovered from 19th and 20th century buildings.

Wood: a material inspiring both warmth and strength. Oak: the noblest of trees, both resistant and timeless. Oakâme bears witness to time. Behind every solid oak beam lies a hidden story; stories that are interwoven into each new piece of furniture.

To preserve their singularity, we not only conserve the original oak appearance, but also the traces left by the passage of time. The fine grooves and hand-carved notches are tinged with tobacco hues and the grey tones of aged wood. The production process pays homage to their past.

To ensure the traceability of the timber, we have integrated an innovative new technology. Oakâme furniture has an NFC tag enabling users to access detailed technical information, revealing its history, characteristics and origin, through a mobile portal.



Oakâme is a product of our time. We craft intelligent furniture, ensuring the selection of high-quality materials and eco-friendly production. We address contemporary challenges that shape our society: ecology, new technologies, modernity... Oakâme merges these issues to offer an innovative range of luxury furniture, suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The fusion of recycled materials gives the Oakâme design an industrial aesthetic while preserving the artisanal spirit that underlies the unique finishes of our furniture. This combination of elements allows for the creation of pieces that unite aesthetic beauty and environmental consciousness, making Oakâme a benchmark choice for those seeking upscale furniture that is both modern and sustainable.

Furthermore, we provide the opportunity to customize your furniture. Indeed, we place the customer at the heart of the creation process, starting from our initial contact. We are here to listen and understand your aspirations and specific needs. This crucial close collaboration enables us to bring your dream furniture to life.


Oakâme is committed to minimizing the creation of new materials on the planet. Therefore, our wood suppliers are PEFC certified, ensuring sustainable forest management practices that do not lead to deforestation. Furthermore, we have carefully selected a fabric made from recycled PET plastic bottles and low-impact ecological thread.

Through our collections, we aim to showcase an alternative approach that is environmentally respectful. Our dedication to ecology runs deep, and we are determined to play an active role in the industry by crafting high-quality pieces while preserving our planet.

Oakâme embodies a responsible and ethical approach in the world of design. By prioritizing sustainability, environmental consciousness, and quality, we aspire to inspire positive change and contribute to a future that respects our planet.

Meuble d'extérieur de qualité


Oakâme aims to guarantee the durability of each piece of furniture, so we select high quality and resistant materials. The natural robustness of oak beams and the choice of cushion filling, using pioneering production technologies, ensure that the furniture will last at least 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Meuble fait-main


Far from being industrially produced, Oakâme furniture shows off its Made in France craftsmanship. From the construction of each solid oak structure, through to making the cushion covers: we extol the excellence and uniqueness of our meticulously hand-crafted products, whose finishing touches highlight their singular, simple and elegant designs.

Meuble en bois recyclé


Oakâme is serious about sustainable development and eco-responsible production. We commit to the planet through the use of recycled materials. Our fabrics are partly made from plastic bottles. To achieve this, we source from innovative companies with the same philosophy, based on the circular economy.