Robespierre - Outdoor Coffee Table

Robespierre - Outdoor Coffee Table

  • Available dimensions: 120x90x32cm / 160x90x32cm
  • Finishing: Raw ancient oak / Planned ancient oak
  • Table top thickness: 80mm
  • Composition: Indoor coffee table in aged solid oak. Oak's thickness 80mm. Custom Corten steel, matt varnish. Handcrafted realization.


We use different types of steel for our furniture, offering varied design and durability options. Powder coated steel is specially designed for high outdoor durability, while Corten steel brings a unique aesthetic with its naturally forming layer of rust-like oxide in response to atmospheric conditions. These steel choices allow us to create unique and durable pieces that cater to your specific needs in terms of style and resistance to outdoor elements.  

Technical Informations

Powder Coating is a coating process applied to steel to enhance its durability and aesthetic appearance. This coating provides protection against corrosion, scratches, and UV rays.
Corten, with its surprising properties, requires no treatment or maintenance, making it a top choice for ensuring longevity, robustness, and style for your outdoor lounge.

What is it ?

All of Oakâme’s stylish coffee tables carry a registration plate equipped with an NFC, or Near Field Communication, chip. This enables data exchange with a compatible mobile device. 


Activate the NFC function on your smart phone, scan the Oakâme KONNEKT logo on the end of the coffee table and access the history of your reclaimed wood furniture.


With the NFC chip, customers can trace the origin and history of their reclaimed wood furniture. Surprise your guests by exploring your smart furniture’s functionality.