Gauguin - Outdoor Sofa

Gauguin - Outdoor Sofa

  • Number of places: 2 / 3 / 4 
  • Dimensions: 156x90x60cm / 196x90x60cm / 236x90x60cm
  • Composition: structure in solid aged oak made of planned oak beams and planks. Ideal for outdoor use
  • Cushion: Outdoor fabric: Water repellent, flame retardant, machine washable. Weaving in low ecological impact yarn and recycled plastic bottles, composition of outdoor foam. Handcrafted realisation.


Oakâme luxury sofa is crafted from aged wood reclaimed from nineteenth and twentieth century buildings across Eastern Europe. Each product bears a registration plate allowing you to trace the provenance of its solid oak beams. 

Technical Informations

Over time, the sun’s UV rays will change the appearance of your Gauguin rustic armchair’s old beams and solid wood planks. When exposed to sun over a prolonged period, the outdoor furniture’s colour will change gradually to a palette of grey tones.   


The appearance of our natural wood beams continues to evolve depending how they have lived and their exposure to varying environmental factors, such as weathering, humidity and sun exposure. We offer tips to ensure proper care, adapted to your high quality furniture. We highly recommend that you purchase the exclusive Oakâme tarpaulin cover to ensure protection and durability.


Oakâme sources from companies that have a positive impact on the environment.  We have carefully selected high-end, recycled fabric with a low ecological impact. Its durability makes it the ideal covering for your outdoor sofa. And with its range of natural hues, our stylish furniture will blend perfectly into your outdoor space. 


Oakâme's luxury sofas have been designed to make cleaning and handling as easy as possible. The robust fabric can withstand extreme weather conditions as well as marking from chlorine and seawater.


Oakâme cushions' are handmade to measure by upholsterers selected by their meticulousness. A traditional craftmanship and expertise assuring a comfortable and design seating.

What is it ?

All of Oakâme’s stylish sofa carries a registration plate equipped with an NFC, or Near Field Communication, chip. This enables data exchange with a compatible mobile device. 


Activate the NFC function on your smart phone, scan the Oakâme KONNEKT logo on the end of the furniture and access the history of your reclaimed wood furniture.


With the NFC chip, customers can trace the origin and history of their reclaimed wood furniture. Surprise your guests by exploring your smart furniture’s functionality.